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Multiple periodicity indicators for MetaStock charts

The indicators listed on this and the next page have been designed to plot weekly or higher periodicity signals on any MetaStock chart. These formulas can be copied from text files and pasted into the MetaStock Indicator Builder or loaded from the appropriate self-installing EXE file. Multi-Frame formulas run on MetaStock version 7.0 and above. The Equis Forum DLL is essential for all Multi-Frame formulas.

The same functionality is also available for intraday charts with three intraday series in the Multi-Frame family. One series simulates 1-240 minute frames, another 1-24 hours frames, and the third 1-1440 minute frames.

If the indicator you want isn't listed in the PDF document (see link below) it might still be possible to create. Multi-Frame formulas are included in the MSTT Resource Pack or can be purchased separately as the MF1, MF2 or MF3 Multi-Frame kit. The cost for all 6 series (D, D~, D+, I, ID and X) is just $49 using the MF1 payment button on the Products page. The MF2 and MF3 kits each cost just $39. Support, updates and additions to each range is guaranteed for 1 year from purchase date.

The newest D~ series sets frame size by number of bars and has an optional calendar-based frame-alignment function. In addition to weekly, monthly and higher periodicities the D series has split-week frames, and the D+ series fortnightly frames.

Click here to download a self-installing EXE file containing limited-time Multi-Frame Moving Average formulas with EOD and Intraday functionality.

Click here for a list of Multi-Frame indicator file names.

      Indicator Name

Multi-Frame D ADX
Multi-Frame D ADXI
Multi-Frame D ADXR
Multi-Frame D +DI
Multi-Frame D -DI
Multi-Frame D Aroon
Multi-Frame D ATR
Multi-Frame D Av/Mean
Multi-Frame D BB
Multi-Frame D BB Top
Multi-Frame D BB Bot
Multi-Frame D B_Indicator
Multi-Frame D Camarilla Levels
Multi-Frame D CCI
Multi-Frame D Close
Multi-Frame D CMF
Multi-Frame D CMO
Multi-Frame D Compression
Multi-Frame D Dema
Multi-Frame D DMI
Multi-Frame D Ehler's DCF
Multi-Frame D Ehler's Force Index
Multi-Frame D EMA
Multi-Frame D EVS
Multi-Frame D Gann-HiLo


Avge Directional Movement
Avge Directional Movement Index
Avge Directional Movement Index Rating
Directional Movement +DI
Directional Movement -DI
Average True Range
Average or Mean Value
Bollinger Bands
Bollinger Band Top
Bollinger Band Bottom
B Indicator (trend strength)
Camarilla Levels
Commodity Channel Index
Closing Price
Chaikin Money Flow
Chande Momentum Oscillator
Compresses to chart periodicity
Double Exponential Moving Average
Dynamic Momentum Index
Ehler's Distant Coefficient Factor
Ehler's Force Index
Exponential Moving Average
Erlanger Volume Swing

MetaStock Tips - Creating a Volume-by-Price Indicator

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