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MetaStock Tips & Tools: When I first started MSTT I thought it would primarily be a newsletter for those wanting to learn to code in the MetaStock formula language. However, while the newsletter does help develop coding skills, it has gone way beyond just learning to use the MFL more effectively.

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Since the first issue when the evolution began, MSTT has become a true MetaStock users newsletter, with many unique indicators, System Tester insights, exploration development advice and trading information from a variety of people that will change the way you view trading and how money is made in the markets.

With hundreds of subscribers through to September 2012 I've received feedback on a regular basis. I'm pleased to say that most of the feedback has not only been positive, it's been supportive, enthusiastic and very complementary as to how MSTT has improved individual trading skills and MetaStock knowledge. That's more than I could have hoped for, and I encourage you to join the many MSTT readers who have already discovered what I believe to be the best MetaStock resource available.

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